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What are your Hours?

Monday-Thursday 8:00am-3:30pm for all programs (you have your nights and a three day weekend!)

Where are you located?

10001 E. Sprague Ave. 

Spokane Valley, WA 


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Do you provide parking?

Yes! we have a big parking lot and lots of room to park on the street, for free!

Does Studio provide Financial Aid?


Please note Studio Beauty School's code, you will need this to complete your application for federal funding. 


Studio Beauty School is nationally accredited and federally funded. You will need to use the FAFSA form to apply for financial aid, and qualifying students will be able to use assistance to attend Studio Beauty School!

A copy of your previous year's taxes will be requested as proof of income from the student, and often times, from the parents as well. Students may apply online today using FAFSA website. We also have forms available here at the school to apply if you would rather fill out the form and send it snail mail. 

Here's Five FAFSA hints and tips Studio Beauty School would like to share to help avoid possible delays. 

Tip 1:  Apply

Go to (.gov is the FREE version!). The idea that you will not receive aid is one of the biggest hold ups in receiving Federal Financial Aid. Most applicants qualify for some form of aid regardless of income and unless you apply, the Federal Government won't be able to inform you of your options.

Tip 2:  Sign your FAFSA

Your FAFSA isn't complete until your FAFSA is signed. If you are a dependent your parent or guardian must also sign your FAFSA.

Tip 3: Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool 

This option is available on the online version found at to enter your IRS information for you. By choosing to use this feature you can eliminate any discrepancies between your IRS tax form and the amount entered on your FAFSA. This will speed up the review process and avoid any delays related to income.

Tip 4: Review your entries for spelling or input errors. 

For instance, make sure your name and number match what's on your most current social security card. If not, this could delay your FAFSA funding.

Tip 5: Call the Department of Education

As soon as you learn there's an issue with your FAFSA and the solution isn't obvious then call the Department of Education using the number provided you in your FAFSA letter and they will help you - REALLY!

Need more help?

There's many more hints and tips provided by the Department of Education.

See More Tips Here!

Is Studio Beauty School Accredited?

YES!  Studio Beauty School is accredited:

The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts

& Sciences is recognized by the United States Department of Education as a national accrediting

agency for postsecondary schools and departments of cosmetology arts and sciences, and massage


I want to apply. Where do I find the application?

Here you go. We'll make this easy. You can click Apply Now! anytime you see the link.  You can always contact us for assistance if you need help by calling 509-242-9921 and we'd be happy to walk you through it, too! Can't wait to hear from you. 

Where can I find licensing information?

Department of Licensing
Business and Occupation Unit
Cosmetology Section
P.O. Box 9026
Olympia, WA 98507-9026
(360) 664-6626
Washington State Licensing


Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses Dept. of Self Governing Agencies
Owyhee Plaza
1109 Main St. (Suite220)
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 334-3233

State of Idaho


Montana Dept. of Commerce
Professional and Occupational Licensing Bureau
111 North Jackson
Helena, MT 59620-0513
(406) 841-2300 (Business Standards Division)
Montana Department of Labor and Industry

Transferring Clock Hours To/From Outside State - Reciprocity Statement

Studio Beauty School has made no determination on whether our programs meet other states’ educational/licensure requirements. We cannot guarantee that any hours received at Studio Beauty School will transfer to any other school or state. All of our training and activities take place in the State of Washington.  All of our classes are held on campus. We do not offer any classes as distance learning. We refer you to other states' websites where reciprocity information may be found.

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Where do I complete my entrance and exit counseling?

Entrance and exit counseling can be done at

What is the school's latest Annual Report Percentages?

Studio Beauty School’s Most Recent Annual Report

(Reported as of November 30, 2022)

The institution’s accrediting agency requires that any adjustments made to its student outcomes rates due to the COVID-19 Pandemic must be disclosed. As student achievement at this institution has not been significantly impacted by the Pandemic, the outcome rates reported do not reflect any such adjustments related to COVID-19. 

Graduation Rate: 87.2% 

Placement Rate: 77.8% 

Licensure Rate: 92.6% 

Graduation Rate: 63% Placement Rate: 100% Licensure Rate: 75%

Graduation Rate: 92% Placement Rate: 77% Licensure Rate: 96% 

Master Esthetics:
Graduation Rate: 100% Placement Rate: 100% Licensure Rate: 71%

Graduation Rate: 74% Placement Rate: 70% Licensure Rate: 100%

Graduation Rate: 50% Placement Rate: 100.0% Licensure Rate: 100.0%

Hair Design: No student enrolled
Makeup Artistry: No student enrolled

In Addition to the above information you may visit the Department of Education's College Navigator for even more information on our school's past performance including graduation rates. Check it out at 

Do you offer salon services to the public?

Of course! 

We LOVE having the community come and enjoy our salon. Not only are our students very talented? But our salon is state of the art, and we offer our services at a very, very reasonable price! 

Please call ahead to check availability, however. Salon hours vary based on our course curriculums and student testing schedules. We feel very strongly about making sure our students have learned minimum hours of study prior to working on clientele. We do accept Walk-ins, however, we would love a courtesy call ahead so we can put you on the student's schedule and ensure they are prepared. All services are performed by students under the tutelage of our talented instructor staff. 

Senate Bill 5166 Studio Beauty School will provide reasonable religious accommodations to students who have religious practices or beliefs that conflict with a scheduled course/program requirement. Students requesting a religious accommodation should make the request, in writing, directly to their instructor within the first two weeks of the beginning of the course and provide specific dates the student requests an accommodation.  Being absent from class or other educational responsibilities does not excuse students from keeping up with any information shared or expectations set during the missed class. Students are responsible for obtaining the materials and information provided during any class missed. The student shall work with the instructor to determine a schedule for making up missed work.

Examples of religious accommodations may include:

  • rescheduling of an exam or giving a make-up exam for the student;

  • altering the time of a student's presentation;

  • allowing extra-credit assignments to substitute for missed class work or arranging for increased flexibility in assignment due dates;

  • releasing an instructor trainee from teaching or research responsibilities on a given day

Do You Have Religious Accommodations?
What is the School's Campus and Security Report?

You will find Studio Beauty School's latest Campus and Security Report posted at

You will find Studio Beauty School's Campus Safety and Security Policy by clicking on the file below

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